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FTC DISCLOSURE REQUIREMENTS You shall include a disclosure statement within any and all pages, blog posts, social media posts and emails where affiliate links for our affiliate Program are posted, and where it is not clear that the link is a paid advertisement. This disclosure statement should be clear and concise, stating that we are compensating you for your review or endorsement. If you received the product for free from us or from the affiliate management team for review, this also must be clearly stated in your disclosure. Disclosures must be made in as close proximity as possible to the claims. Disclosures should be placed above the fold; scrolling should not be necessary to find the disclosure. (e.g. Disclosure should be visible before the jump). Pop-up disclosures are prohibited. You must comply with all FTC disclosure requirements, including the FTC’s “Dot Com Disclosures” Guidelines at; and the FTC’s Endorsement Guidelines at: READ ALL of the document at from the Facebook Page

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