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  • QR code in She Hulk is real

    When a QR code block appeared in the premier of the Disney plus Marvel show I thought you myself “That pause was intentional”. I was right. No spoiler, see for yourself.

  • Making Good Content on the WWW

    Sometimes in ‘surfing’ you find a page with an issue of some kind or another, and the question I have is did you tell the site owner about it? Send an email to them via their contact page (unless of course that’s the issue) or even better call them on the phone? If the ‘what […]

  • Weekly Roundup – Guy R Cook 20130510

    Weekly Roundup of content shared from the desk of Guy R Cook – Web Developer Six Small Business Statistics That May Surprise You http://shar.es/lU8xi  via @sharethis ——————————– What Makes A Success… http://bit.ly/10mrUUH  #pinterest pic.twitter.com/VNoNlizG1v ——————————– Marketing strategies… http://bit.ly/ZDO3hc  #pinterest pic.twitter.com/xm1nYfmCbq ——————————— 6 Super Call-to-Actions (Plus Tips)  http://bit.ly/10x1zmP ————————– 9 Tips for Building Your Brand with […]